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Kombucha // is an effervescent fermentation of sweetened tea that is used as a functional food.

About Us

Brew Skies Over Texas – Kombucha Tea is a family owned kombucha nano-brewery. An engineer by trade and a self-described, full-time geek, our brewmaster Joe Faurote first heard about Kombucha in 2013 while visiting a customer in Chicago that brewed his own.  Intrigued, he purchased a bottle of KT Kombucha cropped-4x6_label_344-t-shirt-small.jpgat Central Market after returning to Dallas.  The sour vinegar taste initially was off-putting, but as he continued to drink it, the flavor grew on him and after continued use he started to see benefits in digestion, joint pain relief, and general well-being.  Trying to brew his own, he had many many failed batches (too sour, no carbonation, etc.) until he hit on a Goldilocks combination brewed while carefully monitoring the pH level and performing a secondary ferment with citrus hops.  He shared it with friends and office colleagues and after being urged to try and sell it, Brew Skies Over Texas was born.  
Our goal is to help others experience Kombucha and to enjoy it for life – if you don’t like our’s for some reason, it’s ok!  But don’t give up on it!  We want you to keep trying other vendors (or even brew it yourself!) until you find one you like so that you might reap the benefits as well.  We aren’t attempting to build a kingdom and corner the market – there are some AMAZING brews out there!  Instead, we want to complement by coming alongside other brewers and make the best local brew possible.  We do this by becoming the area’s freshest and most authentic hand crafted Kombucha with the highest quality ingredients from organic, fair trade, and local sources and to invest our success back into our communities. We make Kombucha to help people care for and love their bodies, develop their communities, and answer the call to be good stewards of our uniquely designed planet.

Our Focus and Mission



Like most great things, kombucha doesn’t happen overnight. This ancient art is the fermentation of sweetened tea, rich in pro-biotics, vitamins, amino acids, life-giving enzymes, beneficial bacteria + yeast, and healthy acids. Our kombucha is not only good for the gut, but for the whole body. It is alkalizing, boosts immunity, and helps to rid the body of toxins. We recommend you begin your kombucha journey by drinking 4 ounces per serving initially then moving up to 8 ounces or more a day. When is the best time to enjoy kombucha?  ANYTIME!

If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before consumption.



We strive to be good stewards of our resources, starting with our great state. We seek not only the highest quality ingredients, but select those that promote sustainability in our environment and bodies. We use organic teas, local produce, and organic, GMO-free goods. Although our food-grade PET plastic bottles are 100% recyclable, we encourage a bottle return program at the farmer’s markets we serve to avoid filling landfills and to also keep the cost of our product as low as possible.



We are invested in the people around us by loving and making better the place where we live. You’ll see us at the farmers markets and alongside Texas farmers and community slinging kombucha and giving back through local purchases. We believe food and drink bring people together and you can use kombucha as a reason to gather. This life is meant to be shared; share our kombucha with your friends, during a meal, on your adventures, or after an intense workout.  Do you really need a reason?



We work to inspire our community to thrive, to live fully, and we’re starting with the natural benefits of kombucha, like pro-biotics. Pro-biotic means, “for life.” Drink Brew Skies over Texas Kombucha for life and glean the benefits of purposeful, high-quality ingredients, and a labor of love in each bottle. Fueling a body with nourishing and replenishing ingredients provides opportunity to live life to the max, enjoying all that is given to you. Invest in yourself. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

The Uniqueness of Brew Skies Over Texas

Small batches insure fresh taste and big flavors!

Small batches insure fresh taste and big flavors!

Organic teas, sugar and natural flavors.

Organic teas, sugar and natural flavors.

Support local - we

Support local - we're in your backyard!

Where possible, we source from the markets we share

Where possible, we source from the markets we share

We sanitize and reuse our bottles   have a growler exchange program!

We sanitize and reuse our bottles + have a growler exchange program!

What and Whys of Kombucha

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